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Monday, March 26, 2012

forget-me-not: Like a Newly Born Flower....

Just like how buds grow and flowers bloom, a small maid cafe with a magnificent potential was born in a corner of Akihara this spring.  It is called "forget-me-not".  Yes, just like a name of the flower.  Indeed, it is not just a mere maid cafe, but it is also a maid flower shop.

Located right by a small park, this newly born cafe opened just a few weeks ago.  While it is not that far from the main street of Akihabara Electric Town, you will be surprised how quiet and calm the cafe is.  Drinking a cup of coffee while gazing at the flowers by the entrance illuminated by the calm sunlight from the windows......... you easily loose a sense of reality.  I never felt so good just drinking a cup of coffee without doing anything.

Yes, you can also just purchase flowers there.  There is a "gardener" who will prepare the flowers for you.  It looks like a flower is one of a key concept of this cafe.  There are small books about flower fairies on the tables of the cafe space.  All maids have flowers on their hair bands, that is prepared for them every morning by the gardener.  Most of all, all maids have names that were taken from flowers that represents themselves.

Schatzkiste that I mentioned in my previous post apparently "produced" this cafe.  You see a lot of commonalities between these two cafes: classical hand-made(!) interiors, calm cozy environment, very sophisticated classical maid outfit...  However, the cafe is very unique on its own, and has this fresh atmosphere of newly born cafe.  I am very curious which direction this place might go.  My desire to observe the everyday changes of this place is too strong that I've been holding myself from blasting off the highway for over two hours to go to this place!

Since it is slightly off even from the side street, it might be little difficult to find this place.  Although, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!  If you walk around Akihabara and got tired, just look for this small flower shop.  I am sure the flowers will cure both your tired body & mind :-)


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Future said...

btw, I blasted off my car yesterday after work.... I guess I could not hold myself :-p