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Friday, March 23, 2012

Soup Curry Kamui: Hardcore Soup Curry from Hokkaido!

Another biased opinion about maid cafes & restaurants: cute costumes, bad food & drink.  WRONG!  If you have such an image on maid cafe & restaurants, go to Soup Curry Kamui.  Its soup curry is too good that you don't care if the waitress is wearing maid outfit or not.  (Although, please pay attention to her maid costume....  It's also great! ;-)

Indeed, the waitress is dressed in the maid outfit only on weekends & holidays, but I always go there even on weekdays just to have a great soup curry.  I even know some of my friends who go there, order curry soup without rice, and just drink it off like a juice.  It is that ADDICTIVE.  They use some serious spices, which is turned into anthropomorphic (or gijin-ka) characters by customers, and all these character illustrations (40 of them!) are displayed on the wall of Kamui.  (And you will be surprised how fabulous these illustrations are.)  You can pick spiciness of the curry when you order: I've only gone up to 5-kara or 5th level spiciness, but I think you could go up to 30-kara.  I have no clue how hot the 30-kara curry would be, or even if a human can survive that level......  I am looking forward to take my college roommate from Indonesia there one day and have him try 30-kara (He LOVED spicy foods :-p)

Also, they have periodic collaboration menu with other concept cafes or magazines/blogs, which they call "love-collabo".  The upcoming ones include the collaboration with my favorite Pondichery Etoile, that I am really looking forward to.  Indeed, I was quite surprised that they were going to collaborate with the cafe that is on the other side of Tokyo: very interesting how "connected" the concept cafe community is :-)

As I mentioned, the waitress there only dresses in the maid outfit on weekends.  There are two types of costumes: Kamui-original maid costume that was recently made, and the costume of legendary maid cafe Cafe Primevere that used to exist in Hokkaido.  There is a deep story on why they are using Primevere costume...  Why?  Well, I might mention about it some other time.....

Where Kamui is located is on the other side of the river from Akihabara station, where people consider more as "Kanda" rather than "Akiba".  However, I call this area "Akihabara frontier", since small but excellent maid-style shops are emerging in this area.  If you go to Akihabara next time, don't just wonder around that station area which is fully developed & organized.  Just cross that river and step forward, and be a pioneer!

Soup Curry Kamui

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