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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cafe Favorite Piece: Find your favorite pieces!

I should spend more time with this blog.  There are still many concept cafes out there that I should write about.  If I'm not quick enough, I might loose an opportunity to write about it forever.  Many cafes emerges, yet close in this industry.  Favorite Piece is one of them.... it "officially" closed this month.

The cafe was famous for bagels, and the waitress was dressed in bakery looking costume.  While the cafe was filled by favorite pieces of everyone, what is my “favorite piece“?  Probably the precious time that I spent with the people there.  Including the regulars, people there were nice and welcoming.  Combined with the warm cozy environment, you would have felt at home once you get used to it.  I always enjoy having some deep discussions about concept cafes and family restaurants with cute costumes.  Especially owner of this place had waitress experiences in various cafes and restaurants, and her knowledge in this field is one of the kinds :-)

While the place is "officially" closed, it seems like FP plans to continuing periodic events here and there.  If you can read Japanese, follow there tweets and find out the latest updates!

Cafe Favorite Piece

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