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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Location: Tokyo : Akihabara : Denki-gai Area

Last Visited: February 2007

Total Budget: 500 yen ~ 1000 yen

English Menu: not available

Wed. ~ Mon. 12:00 ~ 22:00

Tue. Closed

Web Site:

Access: map <- click!! (5F)


The concept of this cafe is “an attic”. It is considered as a secret attic left by a young master who got married in a foreign country. The maids served this master, and are maintaining this attic while dreaming about the day when the young master returns. Thus, unlike other maid cafes, you will not be called “Goshujin-sama(master)” or “Ojo-sama(my lady)” when you enter. You will be considered as a guest who is visiting the attic.

Also, formally Shatzkiste is categorized as “maid art cafe”. You will be able to see and buy paper dolls, drawings, books or CDs made by maids.

Aside from the “classy” aspect of the cafe, maids here are hardcore otaku. If you could talk to them in Japanese, they will be a good source of information about female otaku culture.

Several things to note: cafe is very small that it has 3 tables and 1 desk with 16 seats. Thus, sharing a table with other customers is quite common here. I like this since I get to talk to people, but some of you may not feel comfortable. Also, you will be charged every 30 minutes, so be careful how long you stay. The relaxing atmosphere will completely screw up your sense of time!! Some of you may consider this service charge as expensive, but considering that you have free refill of tea and free wireless Internet connection, I think it is reasonable.

This is currently my favorite maid cafe in Japan. The only problem for the readers of this site may be the fact that none of the maids can speak English. Otherwise, I highly recommend this place.

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Avery said...

My favorite cafe. English speakers must visit with a Japanese friend while you still can, they are closing soon.