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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Location: Tokyo : Akihabara : Suehiro-cho Area

Last Visited: February 2007

Total Budget: 1000 yen ~ 2000 yen

English Menu: not available

Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00

Web Site:

Access: map <- click!! (B1F)


Great food!! Great great food!!

It is more like a classy cafe rather than a maid cafe. Combined with the fact that it is located on off-skirt of Akihabara, I have seen so many non-otaku customers here. Not to mention businessmen from surrounding office area, I was shocked when I saw three old ladies in Kimono at this place!!

Also, maids here are very nice and popular among other maids in Akihabara. At least, I have heard maids recommending this place at Schatzkiste and Merry Heart.

I usually go here when I want to have a meal (since my favorite Schatzkiste only serve tea and sweets like cookies).

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