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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Merry Heart

Location: Tokyo : Akihabara : Suehiro-cho Area

Last Visited: September 2006

Following people should go:

- People who want to interact with ‘otaku’ maids

Costume: modified European maid style / various colors

Total Budget: 1500 yen ~ 2000 yen

Service Charge:

Counter seats: 500 yen

Table seats: 300 yen after 5:00 pm

Time Limit: make 1 order every 1 hour

English Menu: available

Stamp Card: available

Communication Notebook: hidden

CHEKI Photo Shooting: available (I forgot the price…….)

Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00

Web Site:


map <- click!!

From Suehiro-cho station exit number 2, head two blocks north, and turn right. You will see a stand-up sign saying “Merry Heart” on the right, which you cannot miss. You can also walk from Akihabara station if you wish, since it is only a station away by subway.


You will be surprised how ‘otaku’ or maniac the maids are at this maid bar. It seems maids in Akihabara are usually otaku in some ways, but most of them cannot express it since they are bounded by a strict service manual. Of course this bar also seems to have a manual, but enough freedom is given to the maids that they can freely express their otaku-ness while working in the bar. :-p

So far, I know only one maid in this bar who can speak English, so you may not be able to enjoy this aspect if you could not speak Japanese. Although, they do have English menu, and it is a good maid bar to begin with, so I recommend you to visit this place if you have a chance. Indeed, you may encounter me here, since this is one of the two maid cafe/bar in Akihabara that I visit quite often.

To add to the information above, Wireless LAN is available for free at this place. Communication notebooks are available, but you need to ask maids to get hold of it. It is not popular to the point that some new maids don’t even know that they exist, so keep that in mind. :-p

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