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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MILKY POT: Cozy Cafe with Great Coffee

I must admit Nagoya is a new frontier for a maid cafe.  Maileaf that I wrote in my previous post is not the only great cafe that was born in Nagoya in last few years.  MILKY POT is another one.  It is cozy, tiny cafe with a counter and sofa, but with a sophisticated classical atmosphere and great coffee.

A few blocks north from Osu area where all other maid cafes gather, MILKY POT is located on 6th floor of tiny building.  You'll be surprised how tiny the cafe is.  I don't think more than 10 people can be in that cafe including maids.  However, the size helps cafe to build up cozy atmosphere.  Two cute maids are inside the bar counter welcoming you and you can enjoy having a chat with them.  Usually, counter style cafes are more geared toward so-called "Maid Cafe" style (I call them Akihabara-style), but this cafe maintains classical atmosphere.  They are dressed in calm black & white classical style maid outfits, and will prepare & serve freshly-ground coffee in front of you.  Behind wooden hinged doors, there is a record player playing game music performed by orchestra.

Everything is quiet and calm, yet funny and entertaining also.  Maids are all unique.  I remember one elder maid told younger maid to saute onions for hamburger, but the younger one completely ruined it by overcooking it.  The elder one panicked and scolding the younger one first, but she soon started apologizing for not giving a right cooking utensils.  It was funny how she shifted from scolding to apologizing.  On another day, I saw a maid who was always goofing up. who was with another maid who wore glasses and completely appeared mature to me.  However, the mature one told me with sigh how she is the one who is goofy back in her home town, but she needs to behave mature since her colleague is too goofy.  Again, it was funny how she said that.

I believe maid cafes are definitely shifting from a craze to culture, and Nagoya is definitely playing an important role for this culture to grow.  If you are otaku who is passing by Nagoya, make sure you stop by and experience some of the latest and greatest form of maid cafes in the world.


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