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Monday, February 27, 2012

Schatzkiste -Chapter 2- : Vocaloid Card Game

My favorite maid cafe, Schatzkiste.  Yes, it is the same cafe as in my very old post, but it is now chapter 2.  It used to be an attick filled with master's memory...  now it is a private library built by masterless maids!
I like this place as an “otaku's salon“.  In chapter 1, this cafe was truly tiny like an attick, thus it was common to sit on the same table with strangers.  Even though people don't know each other to begin with, eventually, people start talking or playing board games together.  Sometime, someone who you sat with might open up a door to a new world that you never experienced otherwise.  Of course, most of the times they are otaku related :-p
This culture has been inherited to chapter 2.  Even though the place is much bigger now, they located two 6 seated tables in the middle of the cafe.  People who sat on these tables communicates with each other.  Just like old days.  ;-)
Today, I took paid holiday and went there alone.  I found VOCALOID card game there, but no one whom I knew was there at the time.  I invited two other customers who was there to play the game with me.  A maid came to teach us how to play the game.  In a few minutes we were enjoying the game together.  Even after the game, I was talking about old Akihabara with the guy whom I was playing the game with.  Yes, we were the strangers only minutes ago.  I think it is rare to have such an experience in Tokyo nowadays.
For those of you who is looking for not so-called maid cafes but genuine classical maid cafe, this is it!  You might want to go with Japanese speaking friends.... unfortunately, two English speaking maids are quitting soon X-<

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