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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maid Station Cafe

Location: Tokyo : Akihabara : Denki-gai Area

Last Visited: August 2006

Following people should go:

- People who want to see high quality maid cafe.

- People who want to eat lunch/dinner.

Costume: classic French maid style / dark brown / mini skirt

Total Budget: 500 yen ~ 1500 yen

Service Charge: none

Time Limit: none

English Menu: ???

Stamp Card: not available

Communication Notebook: ???

CHEKI Photo Shooting: ???


Monday: Closed

Tue~Fri: 12:00~22:00

Weekends & Holidays: 11:00~22:00

Web Site:


map <- click!!

Exit from Denki-gai exit at the Akihabara Station, and head to north-west direction. It is the 4th floor of the building where 1st floor is a regular cafe, and 2nd ~ 4th floors are all maid cafes. There is a big sign saying “I love MAID” (with love being heart, just like I ‘love’ NEWYORK logo), which you cannot miss.


Once you step in, you will be impressed by the sophisticated interior matched in white. The maid uniform is very cute but also classy. Indeed, I like their uniform the most out of all maid cafe uniforms.

What is unique about this cafe is that you need to take off your shoes and change in slippers. Also, it was very interesting to see a great selection of Japanese meals despite its western atmosphere. I have never eaten their food yet, but it seemed like serious meals for what is served in a cafe.

I highly recommend this place. It is closed on Monday, so be careful!! (It took me two attempts to figure this out. :-p )

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