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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cirque De La Lune (Tukiyo-no Circus): The Best Tea in Akihabara!

Many people think concept cafes are all about costumes..... wrong, wrong, wrong.....  Concept cafes are all about concepts, and I think costumes are just parts of them.  Here is a good example.  Cirque De La Lune, or "Tukiyo-no Circus".  Their costume is a simple one-piece dress, nothing extraordinary.  However, there are many many many concept cafe fans who visit there, despite the fact it is located in the farthest end of Akihabara.

What is so great about this cafe?  Honestly, I cannot exactly describe.  Everything is subtle there.... it is too difficult for person like me to precisely put them into words.  The best I can describe is "sophistication".  Calm interior with dimmed lighting, good service, delicious tea....  I think these small factors that are obviously important yet difficult to accomplish come together and make a wonderful space like "Tuki-yo".

Another interesting aspect of this cafe is its collaboration events.  The cafe periodically collaborate with various creators and conveys their "world" through these events.  I am personally looking forward to the next one.  Usually, they collaborate with illustrators, but this time, they are going to collaborate with Masaki Kuga, who is famous among maid cafe fans as a researcher of British maids around the Victorian Age.  The books he collected from around the world (yes, English books are included!) will be available to read during the event period.  Not maid cafe but "maid-research cafe"... wouldn't it be interesting?

It is a nice quiet cafe where you can have wonderful tea.  Should we include this place in a realm of "concept cafes"?  Hard to answer.  Indeed, I had a huge debate yesterday with one of my heavy concept-cafe fans if we should consider this place as a regular cafe or a concept cafe.  In either way, I highly recommend my blog readers to visit this place.  A wonderful cup of tea won't hurt, right? ;-)

Cirque De La Lune (Tukiyo-no Circus)

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